Elevator Identification and Services

  • The building has three (3) elevator banks - low rise, high rise and parking.
  • The low rise bank has six elevators (cabs #1 - #6) that service floors 8 - 22. The high rise bank has five elevators (cabs #8 - #12) that service floors 22 - 33. Note, floor 22 is a cross-over and can be accessed from both the low and high rise banks. The parking deck bank has four elevators (cabs #14 - #17) that service levels P4 - P12.
  • The MARTA elevator (#20) provides service between the lobby and sky bridge to the Lenox MARTA station.
  • All elevators are computer-monitored. Their location and status can be identified quickly by Security.

Elevator Emergency Communications

  • Each elevator is equipped with a communications button (HELP symbol) for emergencies. Specific instructions are pre-printed directly on the panel beside this button. Should you need to call for assistance, press the button ONE time. A red light will come on around the button and will remain lit; the emergency message will play advising your location. The red light will begin to blink indicating the emergency message was received and Security will come on the line.
  • Also, the elevator has a red ALARM button (bell symbol), which is a local alarm that can be heard throughout the elevator shaft.