Signage & Directory

Building Directory

Electronic directories are located on the lobby level at the low rise and high rise elevator banks. All directory signage requests should be entered through Prism.

Suite Signage

Building standard suite signs must be ordered through Property Management. Additional signage may be requested if necessary. Management will provide a quote on the cost (custom graphics may be an additional expense). Lead-time is typically 3-4 weeks for suite signs. Other additional signage may have a longer lead time depending on materials and graphics.

General Signage Information

The verbiage for all suite identifications should match the entity name that appears on the lease and all signage must be approved by Property Management.

It is our intent to maintain a class “A” facility for you and your patrons with only standard building signs. Management asks that you refrain from posting paper signs on your doors or within your suite if the signs are visible from any public hall or common area.

There are to be no temporary or permanent signs, drapes, furnishings, lettering, designs, advertising, etc. in any form installed that will alter the exterior appearance of the building or the exterior appearance of the suite without prior written approval from Property Management.